"A Shortcut through 1992"

"It's the Vision thing"

 A retrospective of the year, mixing the major events with music, interviews, movie dialogue, sound effects and other sources into a sixty minute montage of the past twelve months. Shortcuts contains no narration and relies on the careful juxtapostion of the various elements to tell the story. In 1992 that story included a Presidential election, a riot in Los Angeles, a continuing recession, various storms, hurricanes and disasters, plus enough controversy and scandal for an entire decade...featuring Woody Allen, Isaac Asimov, Red Barber, Richard Belzer, Jerry Brown, George Bush, John Cage, Johnny Carson, Bill Clinton, Willie Dixon, En Vogue, Amy Fisher, Al Gore, Alex Haley, Arrested Development, Jesse Jackson, Magic Johnson, Rodney King, Sam Kinison, David Letterman, Madonna, Mike Myers, Nirvana, Ross Perot, Dan Quayle, Ren & Stimpy, Homer Simpson, Jerry Seinfeld, Admiral Stockdale, Superman, Mary Wells and many more.

"A Shortcut thru 1992" was recorded on four-track multitrack tape @ 15ips, mixed down to a stereo DAT master and broadcast on New Year's eve from 11pm till midnight.

Produced by Peter Bochan

Special Achievement - 1993 National Federation of Community Broadcasters "Best Local Entertainment Program"

  60 minutes/stereo/available on cassette and compact disc

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