"A Shortcut through 1990"

A new decade begins with the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the buildup in the Persian Gulf, the fall of Margaret Thatcher and Donald Trump, plus the Simpsons visit Twin Peaks and much more... 

featuring Aaron Copeland, Jim Henson, Milli Vanilli, Ray Goulding, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Mike Tyson, Leonard Bernstein, Rex Harrison, Madonna, Rosanne Barr, Ava Gardner, Prince, Pre-Fab Sprout, George Bush, Frank Oz, Whoopie Goldberg, Bruce Springsteen,  Beats International, Big Audio Dynamite, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinead O'Connor, ZZ Top, Dick Clark, Bert Parks, Del Shannon, Delta Burke, Dennis Hopper, Harry Shearer, Denzel Washington, Tom Petty, Snap! Richard Nixon,  2-Live Crew, Information Society,  Peter Falk, Andrew Dice Clay, The Grateful Dead, and Mary Martin...


"A Shortcut thru 1990" was recorded on eight-track multitrack tape @ 15ips, mixed down to a stereo DAT master and broadcast on New Year's eve from 11pm till midnight.

WINNER: GOLD MEDAL~Best Sound -International Radio Festival


  60 minutes/stereo/available to download and on compact disc

Produced by Peter Bochan
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