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All Mixed Up Mailbag
WBAI 99.5 FM New York City on Saturday Afternoons from 5 to 7 pm with Peter Bochan

More Letters from Listeners:
February 1996- May 1999

Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 20:09:32 -0500
From: George Byron Scombulis
Organization: @Home
Subject: You Albanian Geeeeee-nius!!

Thanx so much, Peter!

Whatta great site!@!  Honest 'n' truly.... tho' i sorta expecteded yer
lifetime E.R.A.; won/lost record, and yer B.A. on here. . . . thanx fer the
ol' p-card viwing of Bridge-po'. . . .

Yer #1 fan in Norwalk, Connecticut. . .


Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 23:23:55 -0400
From: Jerry Clements <>
Subject: howard fishman quartet

how do I get a recording of the "howard fishman quartet"?  I can't find

(great show, peter)

thanks,   jerry clements

Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 01:34:08 EDT
Subject: more food songs!

Strawberry Cream Puff, Fruit Loop Paradise, I Wanna Eat Choco Bars,
Ice Cream City- Shonen Knife

Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 14:02:54 +0100
To: Peter Bochan <>
From: Toby <>
Subject: on this day in history...

May 8th:

- In 1985, the first cans of New Coke rolled out of bottling and
     canning plants.

thinking of you,
new Toby

From: Cathy Unsworth <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: Swinging with the King
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 16:47:34 +0100

Another Elvis song for your list... sadly not about Elvis and Nixon, but
Elvis and Fred Flintsone, which is probably  even better...
It's called 'Yabba Dabba Do' and the version I heard is by The Earls of
Suave on their album 'At The Basement Bar of the Heartbreak Hotel'
(Vinyl Japan, 1994 I think). I know they nicked it off someone else, but
I'm fucked if I know who. Anyway, this version rocks.

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 03:27:05 EDT
Subject: Hello

Hello Mr. Bochan:
     My name is Grace Toy.  I am 26 years old, and live in Freehold, New
Jersey (near the Jersey shore).  I have been a regular listener to WBAI about
the past three years now, and have caught your show off-and-on (I hope more
on, from now on!), and I really feel soothed by the sound of your voice and
the choice of your music.  Yours is a voice and show that really reflects
what more radio should be like.  Anyway, I hope that you can continue your
work there!  Take care.

Grace Toy

Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 18:44:57 -0400
From: Steve Jozik <>
Subject: radio meat

i've been looking for a copy of the meat puppets' performance on WBAI
and i cannot find it anywhere.  is there anyway that you know of for me
to order a copy of the performance?

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 11:55:04 -0700
From: "d. colin macallister" <>
Subject: finally ...

... a show that puts New York radio up there with
Chicago and Houston. Honestly, I was thinking
about moving back. But I love your program. It's
really the only thing I listen to on the radio.
Thanks a whole lot.

Subject: single info for Peter Bochan
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 17:05:19 +0100

i recently came across your 'best of 1998' whilst surfing and noticed you had listed 'prototype'(universal) by rachid - i also think it's an excellent album and wanted to alert you to the fact that a new single just went to radio - 'zoe's world' - however the record company are doing absolutely nothing to promote it, so you might wanna playlist it or contact the company and see what's up.
i, personally would love to hear rachid on the radio - it's a trajedy that he has so far fallen through the cracks of programming.

an avid listener,

Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 18:52:26 -0800
To: Peter Bochan <>
Subject: Re: Christal Methodists

Hi Peter,

Thank you very, very much. I'm so glad you like the record! Doublethanks
for giving it the spin. I really enjoyed the set list too. It was a great
note to open my first email of the day with!

Best regards, Joel

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 12:06:55 -0400
From: David West <>
Subject: Mr. Bochan

    I'd like to invite you to hear  Alex Gifford from Proppellerheads
and his partner Gemma, spin tomorrow night at SWIM, 146 Orchard street,
after 11:00 pm.
    i'm the bartender, so please say hi, if you come down,
-I'm Dave West...i enjoy your show and esp. your mixes,
and it would be great to meet you.
    thank you for honoring the memories of anthony newley and skip
spence.    somehow hearing the music  does a good thing-livin' through
the music.
  all the best,

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 19:49:35 EDT
Subject: Independent's Day

Hello Peter,

  Just a quick note to say how much I loved today's show featuring
Independent music. The show was very interesting and I didn't want it to end.
I heard alot of new music that I want to hear more of. I loved the song by
The Cucumbers. They still sound very fresh. I would love to hear them played
on your show again or as a live studio guest sometimes. I also loved Jim's
Big Ego, The Donnas, and Bill Lloyd. I can go on and on listing all the
wonderful music.

Keep playing the best music on the radio.

Bob McKinley 

To: <>
Subject:  Farm Dogs' Thanks!
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 15:23:06 -0400

Hi Peter,
Thanks a bunch for playing "This Face" by the Farm Dogs on your
last program. Since you played the Farm Dogs I know you must
be a cool guy!
If you want...I can send you "Last Stand
in Open Country" which has alot of  good songs. There is even
a song with Sheryl Crow sing back up it's called "Burn This Bed".
 ...thanks again.
Take Care Angie 

Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 16:29:46 -0400
From: Julia Fischer <>
Subject: Bands on little labels etc.

Hey Peter,

I wanted to bring your attention to
PermaFrost.( They have an
extensive website, where you can hear their sounds.   And while their CD
cover is not handpainted, they would be happy to have a big(ger) label.
(I think)  (It is friends of Friends)
Anyway, I think you might get a kick out of them.  I think they are

And I love your show!  It's the best thing to start off a week.  Any old
time, for that matter.  Keep up the great work!  Thanks,

Julia Fischer

From: "Deena Shoshkes/Jon Fried" <>
To: "Peter Bochan" <>
Subject: you were born!
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 10:05:34 -0400

Hello Peter,
I heard from some delighted fans and friends that you played our song
"Birthday" on your show yesterday.   Here's a message from a delighted
Cucumber:  thanks so much!

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 21:53:22 -0400
From: "Heather Eatman" <>
Subject: Elvis song

Peter --

Have I got an Elvis song for you! It's called "Too Tired to be Elvis" and
it's on my new album "CANDY & DIRT" (which is already getting some nice
early radio play from "Idiot's Delight" and WFUV).

Please let me know how I can get a copy to you.

All the best,
Heather Eatman

From: Richard Cass <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: Songs about Elvis
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 13:22:47 -0500

Dear Peter:

I haphazardly stumbled upon your weird little web site of Elvis and Big Dick
record raves and was surprised not to find Bob Dylan's "Went to See the
Gypsy" from his New Morning album and Gram Parsons' "Return of the Grievous
Angel" from the (combined) CD GP/Grievous Angel. In the first song, Elvis is
refered to as the Gypsy. In the second song, he's the King.

You appear to be a very strange person. I mean this as a compliment.


Rico Cass

Return-Path: <>
From: "robin hendrickson" <>
Subject: ?
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 10:41:47 PST

Hey Peter:

I'm tryin out this new 'stationery' feature hotmail has.

I'm curious who does the song you used to play at the beginning-- The
line was "I.....never seen nothin like you" or something like that. That
song kicks ass.

Also, I'm curious who makes that generic type of '50's - fast-plucked
violin music. Like the music in the Simpsons when Homer has fantasies of
skipping around in the land of chocolate. It's like happy
housewife-tiptoe music, maybe they use it for Old Navy spots now or
something like that. I figure it must be something like Mantovani or
Kostelanetz; the names I always see on Thrift store records but never

I dug the Martin's Folly show--been listening to Dad's tape of it on my
Cheers, Robin.

From: Reception <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: On-Line Someday?
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 11:11:36 -0800

Dear Peter,
 My name is Terry Anderson, (not the hostage), and I am a long time
listener, first time mailer. I have over the years called into your show and
talked with you on occaision about things like mis-heard lyrics and The
Lampoon Radio Hour. I am now living in California and so don't have a chance
to hear the show anymore. Do you think that someday 'BAI will be on-line? Or
even just All Mixed Up? I Miss the show terribly. I often tell people of the
show you did that amazing New York news packed week in June 1994 When the
Rangers had their victory parade, the Knicks were in Game 5 of the
championship series and there was a low-speed Bronco chase in L.A. complete
with the theme to the Simpsons. Radio at its finest.
   Luckily for me, I am able to listen to WFMU on the net all day, but I
would love to hear All Mixed Up again. I know that programs like This
American Life, and Fresh Air have websites with archived shows. I suppose
there are crazy rights issues for the music and all, I just wish I could
hear the show, y'know.
   Well just thought I'd drop you a line to say Thanks for all the great
and you've got a great Website.

Keep 'em Flyin'

Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 15:47:50 -0500
From: gregory darrow <>
Subject: stuff

Hi Peter
I have been a long time sometimes member and supporter of WBAI. My
brother and I have been listening since you were on Saturday afternoons.
I live in Pa now and I get BAI thru my cable system. I love your
selections and you have introduced me to many new sounds over the years
and I wanted to say thanks.

Reply-To: <>
From: "Glenn Moser" <>
To: <>
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 23:09:51 -0500

Would you please send me more information about the 282 food songs; are
they in a book that can be purchased?

I am particularly interested in "El Pizza" but enjoy all of this type of
MIXED UP lyrics and music.


Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 18:40:05 EST
Subject: Nixon Songs

Hey Peter!
This is Sabrina from Milwaukee.  I am currently researching songs
for music class that relate to historical events.  I was researching Nixon's
Resignation and i found songs on your web site.  I can not seem to find much
information about the songs though.  Could you help me acquire a few songs and
their lyrics?  Thank you so very much.


Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 09:33:24 -0500 (EST)
From: Andrea Berman <>
To: Peter Bochan <>
Subject: Re: Songs About Elvis

Love your site!

I added a link under "New Internet Sightings" at


"During times of world cataclysms people tend to become drunk more
                  --The former Soviet Georgia's national radio station

From: Katelyn Guiler Bowman
59 Lenox Road
Summit, New Jersey 07901-4799
Date: January 7, 1999
Dear Peter Bochan:

Personally I have never heard anything quite like "A Shortcut Through 1998".
It was a different and enjoyable experience that captured my attention
due to the overflow of songs, quotes, voices broadcasts, obituaries...the Titanic movie quote, a clip from the Jerry Springer Show, Michael Jordan-MVP, the teletubbies laugh, John Glenn goes to space...."little bits of history repeating"
I also caught the relation from the past to today: Nixon & Clinton both speaking of their terms as President,
Bush talking about his attack on the Gulf and Clinton speaking about his attack on Iraq...
the impeachment of our President as well as the bombings were large parts of 1998 that you blended well into your production.
Many deaths I did not know about or had forgotten-Buffalo Bob, Sherri Lewis, Robert Young, Sonny Bono, Carl Wilson...Flo Jo,
Phil Hartman (what a spooky quote he had), Frank Sinatra.
The time & effort you have taken to create this has really paid off and it is a great tribute to 1998...

Thank you,
Kate Bowman

From: "Susan Forney" <>
To: <>
Subject: zsusanna_86 has checked the website
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 21:24:06 -0500

Dear Peter,
Whooo! I'm durn jealous of all who heard the year-end wrap up!
Plus, until I saw the website I didn't realize that you were famous. And why wouldn't you be?
Anyone who does the amazing things you do with sound jolly well ought to be famous!
Radio Man, I love now and you forever!
Your friend,

 From: Summit High School
125 Kent Place Boulevard
Summit, New Jersey 07901-4799

Dear Mr. Bochan,

I am in a creative writing class at Summit High School and recently we had the pleasure of listening
to your "Shortcut Through 1998". I found your audio collage to be incredibly interesting and creative.
Most of the class had never heard anything like that before (myself included) and it was a new experience to hear your work.

I am going to be honest about a few things that I found slightly off. Speaking as a teenager (I'm 17)
I enjoyed the fact that you brought the news of the past year together with music. What I didn't so much
enjoy was that I don't think I recognized one song that was used. I'm not trying to be offensive, so I hope that you
don't take it as such and that I am aware that you're not aiming your work at 17-year-olds like myself.
I think the way you put everything together and the subject matters that you chose to highlight were incredibly well
thought out and executed. Thus. I think that everyone should have the chance to enjoy your "Shortcut Through"
whatever year it is and I think that it would be easier for teenagers and "hip" adults to get into the Shortcut if you
incorporated some current music highlights from the year. I'm not suggesting that you watch MTV everyday
for the entire year furiously writing down  the top Spice Girls songs of the minute in order to give Shortcuts a wider
age range. I am, however, suggesting that you might draw in a larger crowd of a different audience if you threw in
some newer music that everyone has heard on the radio at one time or another.

I apologize if I sound critical, but I hope you take my advice, if only just for the outrageous ranting of a teenager.
I look forward to listening to a "Shortcut Through 1999" and I hope you have a great year of news to highlight.
Paige C.

Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 19:39:15 -0500
From: Randolph Brown <>
Subject: Elvis

Amused by your list ... just heard two Elvis songs this morning ...

"That's Why" by John Gorka on his album "Out of the Valley"

"jesus and elvis" by Greg Brown on his album "the poet game"

Neither mentions Nixon, but some folks ain't as important as others ...

Later ... RB

Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 20:47:07 EST
Subject: I can hear again!

I finally got another tape deck with a timer feature. It's great to come home
and be able to listen to you at my convenience. It's been a few years since I
could hear you with any sort of regularity. Welcome back to my stereo.
Keep it up.


Scott Morrison
17 Robin Hood Road
Summit, NJ 07901
Date: January 1999

Dear Peter Bochan,

I enjoyed your radio broadcast that reviewed the events of the past year 1998.
My favorite parts were the clips from the Jerry Springer show that had to do with sex and violence. That was fitting
after lately all the sex and violence in the news. I also liked how you aired different opinions on the Clinton Impeachment
trials and the timing of the vote right after the bombings on Iraq. I did think the broadcast was a little bit confusing
because of all the sounds and how fast the voices went on and then quickly off. The end of the airing was tough because so
many people died that I had not heard of. Some the ones I did, like Dr. Spock, Robert Young, Sunny Bono and Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys.
Overall, the broadcast was a great idea because it had a variety of music and it covered a lot of what went on in 1998.
Thanks for your time.
Scott Morrison

Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 17:00:24 -0500
From: (danny schechter)

Subject: For Peter Bochan--Request

Peter, congrats on your latest Shortcuts masterpiece.

I was listening to it while crusing down 9th Avenue--cops in riot gear,
revelers in the avenues, traffic blocked on every cross street. A
surrealistic end to a surrealistic year. Perfect...

...We would like to invite you to contribute a track or two to the new
CD sampler. It is not really a commercial proposition--in fact we are
raising $ to do it, but the last one got airplay and had an impact with
alot of distribution inside the media worldwide. Have you done a Media
Shortcuts--or could you do an edit on existing material? Contribute any
soundbites that might enliven the mix?
As a fan and friend for years, I'd love to work together on something.

Danny Schechter

 From: Summit High School
125 Kent Place Boulevard
Summit, New Jersey 07901-4799

Dear Peter,
I liked your tape. It was very interesting. I really liked the way you put it together and had all through
other people on it like Frank Sinatra. It was just great.
The obituary part had me thinkin because I either forgot some of the people who died
or I didn't know they died.
But keep on making those tapes because there great.

your fan,

Nete James

From: Kim Cheetham
233 Mountain Ave.
Summit, NJ 07901
Date: January 7th, 1999

Dear Peter Bochan:

There weren't many voices in your "A Shortcut Through 1998" that I recognized,
as I'm only a teenager that doesn't watch the news often. However I recognized many of the events
that were  portrayed, such as the impeachment trials, Mark McGuire's home run and the John Glenn/Discovery
space expedition...also the voice of the woman in Titanic, the Jerry Springer clip, Nixon's voice, the MVP award
given to Michael Jordan and the brief "noise" the teletubbies made. I thought I'd know more of the music but
the only song I knew was the Joni Mitchell one. I really liked the mood the music gave it, though;
especially the sadness of the first song.
I had forgotten many of these events happened in 1998, but listening to the piece I felt more connected with them.
It gave the idealism and remorse that we have when looking further back to earlier decades.
The saddest part for me was Shari Lewis's obituary when Lambchop yells "Shari. Shari, I need you!"
That one line was sadder than any comment from a real person. I knew a few of the people in the obituaries,
such as Carl Perkins, JEan Audrey, Roy Rogers, Sonny Bono, Linda McCartney and the Casablanca actor.
Hearing the Beach Boys music took me back to elementary school and I felt like digging my albums out.
And of course, I recognized Frank Sinatra.
You'd be surprized at how often a seventeen year old bursts into "I've got you...under my skin"
You did a wonderful job with this and I enjoyed it more than if it was on television. There's something
about the mixing of different sounds that can touch a person in a deep way.


Kim Cheetham

From: "Séanbg==" <>
To: <>
Subject: mix double
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 23:37:59 +0100

Dear Peter,

had a lot of fun watching your site and I'm looking forward to hear it to,
as soon as I'm at work again (soundsiystem is ther....)

He keep it mixed, keep it hip

greatings from switzerland  (

From: "Ray Lee" <>
Subject: Shortcut thru 1998
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 1999 07:28:53 PST

 Dear Mr. Bochan,
     I Would love for you to post that great show on the website for
convienent listening pleasure. Thank you.

Ray Lee

Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 22:38:53 EST
Subject: No Subject

have enjoyed your work for several years!
enjoy your website or whatever this is called.
Have a nice holiday, God bless you and your loved ones.

walter s.

Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 12:10:56 -0800
From: Dan Emery <>
Subject: Mystery Band Introduction

Dear Peter,

First, let me tell you that I enjoyed your web site--its fun, informative
and looks great.  Also, I am sure the bands appreciate very much the
support that you give them through your playlists, lists of faves and
raves, and links to

Hi.  My name is Dan Emery.  I am in a NYC band called The Dan Emery Mystery
 Band.  We are a slightly unusual sounding group (piano, shortwave radio)
with a sense of humor (songs include "other people's tongues" and "her
favorite bra") and an eye and ear for politics and current issues (other
songs include "student loan" and "the tower records song") and a growing
following (we're playing weekends at CB's 313
Gallery, Arlene Grocery, the Gershwin Hotel...).

Our new CD was financed by 119 of our fans.  I think you might like it, but
rather than waste your time by sending you a CD out of the blue, let me
instead invite you to visit our website.  If it seems cool to you and
you're still interested, let me know and I will most happily and
delightedly send you the physical CD.

Thank you and yours truly,

Dan Emery

From: "Stefanczyk, Thomas" <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: You
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 16:31:44 -0500


I've been a fan of your's for years - going back to when you were on
Saturday's. I wish you were Saturday's now. Is there anyway I can get a copy
of the tapes (or CD's). A memorable show for me was the 4th of July show -
if I were to guess a year it was 1995 and it included Richie Havens
"Motherless Child"

Anyway - keep up the great work & thanks - I refer your show to everybody.

Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 16:14:56 -0600
From: Soulshaker <>
Subject: Song about Elvis

"Hot for Elvis" written by Mark Campbell c 1995 appears on my CD
"Soulshaker".released 1998 on Winesong Records,Austin,Texas.
It's Rockabilly music, that song.

Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 11:07:38 -0800
Subject: displaced fan


What's a mixed up fan to do out here in San Francisco? Right now I have my
brother send me tapes of your
show but he's not very reliable. I've asked KPFA about carrying your show
but that didn't get very far.
How about web casting your show or what about KPFA or syndication on
college stations? I may just have
to move back east if I want to listen to your show every week, but I kind
of like it out here. I've been
listening for a long time I used to like it when the show was on Saturday

By the way what are you getting for the short cuts CDs and how do I order

Keep up the good work,

Andrew Eisner

Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 00:48:48 EST
Subject: new independent music


Caught your show this morning and was really knocked out by the variety of
music you play. I've been a listener to WBAI for years but I usually listened
more for talk than music.

I would like to send you a CD if you accept independent releases. My band
Jackalope Junction has a new CD out called A Sense Of Direction; the music is
alternative country/Americana. I heard a lot of roots music today and thought
you might be interested.


Dave Isaacs
Shadow Brook Music 

Date: Sat, 05 Dec 1998 22:22:06 +0100
From: giovanni sollima <>
Subject: from Giovanni Sollima to Peter Bocham

Dear Peter Bochan,
I am Giovanni Sollima.
This e-mail Just to say thank you for
A presto

Return-Path: <>
From: "Greg Carson" <>
To: <>
Subject: Songs about food
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 22:00:31 -0000


Did a search on "Boiled Bananas and Carrots" (Peter Sellers) and came up with it on your list.
Any idea where I can find the lyrics?

Many thanx


Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 04:47:15 EST
Subject: Dickie Goodman

Caught your web site. thanx for the mention about Dad and the Nixon record
Watergate. But there's more-----alot more-----on Elvis too. Dad did several
break in records on the King and on The other Dickie-tricky Dickie. In fact
they are all on my new CD compilations. By the way do you play Watergate on
your show ? 

Subject: Flying Bochan
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 11:44:48 -0500

-----Original Message-----

>>last week a guy from church who i thought was pretty hip returned a peter
>>shortcut tape from 1996 as "unlistenable...i had to turn it off after the
>>five minutes...i couldn't drive and have it on at the same time...i almost
>>threw it out the window."

I'll admit, though I think the tapes are far from "unlistenable," that it is
difficult to drive and listen to them at the same time. Not that it wasn't
an enjoyable experience--the sensation of nearly veering off the road into a
fiery burst has its thrill--but the hypnotic quality of the mix, the desire
to concentrate on every snippet and recognize each voice is strong. Ian, if
you want to experiment when you get some of these "Shortcut" year-end mixes
by Peter Bochan, listen to them first in your apartment. Then try them
flying down Fifth Avenue on your bike.


Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 16:55:09 -0500 (EST)
From: Toby <>
Subject: one meatball

Hey dude -- I was a little worried that you would miss "one meatball" by
some weird freak memoray lapse, but I saw it among the songs of food -- I
kept thinking of songs, but then there'd they be! Amazing!
Anyway, the site looks good, coolio...

Things are excellent here -- the weather is fantastic and I'm getting to
the end of most of my work, so I'm a lot less stressed.

Okay, I'm outtie,
puff toby

Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 22:36:56 EDT
Subject: No Subject

Hi , I love your show am only able to get a short time to listen to you
but love every minute.
peace keep on keeping on.

To: "''" <>
Subject: richard belzer sucks
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 07:51:39 -0500

richard belzer really sucks!  he is not funny.  he's just not funny.  not
funny.  not at all.  not one bit.

From: "ggable" <>
To: <>
Subject: great show!
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 21:22:14 -0400

Early this week I had the pleasure of listening to a tape of your show on
October 12...
I really enjoyed your show and wish it were on the air here.  It was
extremely interesting - really a pleasure!  So now I can say, just as your
website is a treat for the eyes and the mind, so is your show a treat for
the ears and also an inspiration...
Take care, and I hope someday your show gets out into some of the other NPR
markets, particularly one where I can pick it up.

Gary Gable

From: "Richard Casucci" <>
To: <>
Subject: You, baby!!
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 16:08:20 -0400

Hey Peter!
It's Mitch Nash & the gang at Blue Q in Pittsfield.  Love your site!
Can you send us your three Shortcut CD's and the amount we owe you?
We must own them.  Really looking forward to meeting you on New Years...

Anyway, talk to you soon.


Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 21:34:04 EDT
Subject: Tiger Lillies

Hi Peter,

Thanks again for having the Tiger Lillies on your show, your interview
was great and the band really enjoyed meeting you, and were quite impressed
with your musical knowledge.

Any chance of getting a copy of the interview, I would love to stream it on my
web site.

Hope to see you at The Knitting Factory on the 28th.


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 19:27:25 -0700
From: Jack Diamond <>
Subject: Hello:)

Cool site, man

You look NOTHING like I imagined:)  Fancy that!


Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 09:59:41 -0400
From: "Paul D. Kreisinger" <>
Subject: 091498 show


Yesterday's (091498) show was brilliant!

I am about 30 minutes into the show...and I hope you don't leave the
Clinton thing and go on to something else. The mix of sound bites and
music is soooo good.

I knew you'd come through this weekend.

Paul Kreisinger   091598

Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 10:49:10 -0400
Subject:  Hello

Peter -
I'm a big fan of the show. My office mate and I listen every Monday!
This Monday you played a great guitar instrumental early on in the show
- I checked your playlist, but I'm not really sure which artist it was.  If you
have time, could you let me know - I really liked it!
Thank you and thanks for the great music -
Monica Falcone

From: "Kenneth Berger" <>
To: <>
Subject: Long-Lost Former Listener
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 21:45:11 -0400

Dear Peter Bochan,

I'm a transplanted New Yorker who has been living in Philadelphia, PA for
over 20 years. I was a dues-paying member of WBAI in the mid-1970's, when
Steve Post was on the air, and you were creating a little miracle named
"Tecky-Time." Steve used to tell us to listen with headphones, or at least
semi-decent stereo equipment in order to get the full effect. That was not
in the cards for me at that time. However, I have since been able to obtain
at least semi-decent stereo stuff, including a Dolby Cassette deck and a
variety of CD players. Do cassette tapes or CD's of any of the
"Tecky-Times" still exist? If yes, are they available? I might even be
persuaded to part with some cash (or check) for some.

Also, Peter, did you have any affiliation with "Short Cuts?" I used to hear
that on WLIR 92.7 FM out of Garden City, LI.

I hope you're doing well. Radio is one of the things that I do miss about


Kenneth Berger

Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 12:49:22 -0400
From: WEACT Mail Server <>
Organization: West Harlem Env. Action, Inc.
Subject: CDs

Dear Peter Bochan:

I love your show.  How can I order CDs of "Shortcuts."  Thanks.

J. Adams (

Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 00:14:37 EDT
Subject: playlist for july 27, 1998
Mr. Bochan,
On Monday, July 27 I was driving in to NYC from Long Island and I luckily
happened to "discover" your show as I waited out the interminable stop and go
on the LIE. I wanted to thank you for making the experience a little less
painful (almost pleasant, really)... Anyway, I only caught the last half hour
of the show but I desperately wanted to find out some info on a few of the
tracks I heard. I visited your web site but did not find the tracks in the
playlist for that day. I was wondering if you could clue me in. Here's what I
remember: One track (or tracks) was a sort of episodic thing with two guys in
a boat, using the radio to steer themselves in to port ("the blue bird of
hapiness"). It had a kind of Negativland thing goin on and I think you said it
was by Ackerling? or Acker-Lake? Help... There was also a cool jazzy/waltzy
kind of track in there somewhere and a latin/ South American song with a
female vocalist that you said was from an unreleased recording. Last but not
least was a Shudder To Think song (I think) which I think was called "The
wedding is over" with Lena Karlsson, that I found in a prior playlist... Any
info would be greatly appreciated and again, thanks for the show...

Return-Path: <>
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 09:17:30 -0800
From: Paul Lacques <>
To: Peter Bochan <>
Subject: Re: spycar on wbai


Thanks for the radio list.  You play very cool stuff.  Double Naught Spy
Car would love to come to New York, but we probably won't be out until
we're on a record label.  Our manager has hit all the majors in town,
but they say things like, "hey, get them a lead singer."  If you know of
any good independent labels that might like our sound, we're looking for

Keep on rockin in the relatively free world.

Take care,

Paul Lacques

From: "Gary Gable" <>
Subject: your URL via Kelligrl
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 10:00:40 PDT


Kelligrl forwarded to me an email containing your site
URL.  Your site was a pleasure to explore.  I very much enjoyed the
graphics and look forward to spending more time following up on more of
the links at the site.  Having seen the site, now I would like to listen
to your show, but, alas, I am far, far away from NYC.

She suggested I send you some tapes...
I have held a longstanding desire to pursue commercialization in some
way with my music, but I am too old, tired, jaundiced and busy to mount
significant actions, especially since I do not know of anything to do
that is actually fruitful in this regard...
Hope you are having a great time and great success.

Gary Gable

P.S... Kelligrlis a dream alive! 

Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 12:21:53 -0400
From: Vanita Beasley <>
Organization: Penguin
Subject: great show!, What now?
I was horrified by the music selection on NY radio stations ever since I moved here 3 1/2 years ago.
I happened upon your show ("all mixed up" wbai 99.5) this morning and love it.
I only wish it were on all day.
Do you have any suggestions for other music programs/radio stations in the city when I am not listening to yours?
(I cannot pick up the Fordam station).
Vanita Beasley

Date: Sun, 28 Jun 98 08:47:48 -0400
From: Paul Kreisinger <>
Subject: (no subject)
Just a note to tell you how much I've enjoyed the June programming. I
logged on to get the playlists. The summer BBQ show was wonderful, as was
your interview (and promo) with Quentin Crisp. My wife Debbie (the
faithful taper of your shows so I can listen to them in the car later)
and I are going to see him next weekend.
That XTC song about summer's cauldren really stuck in my head for the
past week, as has the shortcut about "the rustler is a sheriff and the
sheriff is a rustler, gee whiz, Pancho, I'm all meexed up!" BUT (and
read this with Hank Hill's voice: Is there supposed to be a message in
there?"). Am I not listening close enough, or is it just some goofing
Anyway, each show has been a delight, and I can't tell you how much the
show, interviews, commentary, music and brilliant shortcuts nourishes me.
I work 10-12 hours a day, am overcommitted in terms of professional,
community and family commitments (and usually done in that order, too),
and everyone is always asking me to do something for them, to get them
out of trouble (indictment, marriage, child support, domestic violence,
etc., etc.). When I leave the office at 8 or 9 o'clock, tired and cranky,
and push the cassette into the tape player, I'll hear a song or a
shortcut that makes me smile, or say out loud "good song" and its
something I would not have heard but for your show, and I'm taken to a
different place. Someone out there is DOING SOMETHING FOR ME!!!
So many thanks for doing what you're doing. I assume you do it as a
labor of love, but...I'd want to know if I was making a regular
difference in someone's life...and I thought you might like to know as
Best regards,

From: "Fagan, Todd" <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: "Elvis is Everywhere"- Mojo Nixon
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 15:49:08 -0400

Please settle a bet for me and perhaps provide a website for proof.
I think Mojo Nixon says, "Elvis needs boats" when the song refers to the
Bermuda Triangle and Lynda thinks it's "Elvis eats boats."
Who is correct?

Todd Fagan
GIS Analyst
Tetra Tech NUS, Inc
Gaithersburg, MD

Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 20:59:04 -0700
Subject: Crystalette Records, Inc.
Can you tell me what happened to Crystalette Records, Inc.?  I was at
your web site reading some of the mail and looking for information.  I
appreciate any information that you can give me.  I know that Elvis,
Dodie Stevens and MoKlein & The Sargents sang on the label back in the
late 50's.  Thanks again
Louise Montana
Houston, Texas

From: Steve Gerberich
P.O. Box 1310
NYC. 10013
"Works on the Move"
Date: Thu, 25 June 1998
Dear Peter!
Thanks for giving "us" the greatest Radio/Audio Show in the World.
You are Brilliant! Just what I can keep the rest!

Return-Path: <>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 18:33:06 -0700
From: Jack <>
Organization: Jack Diamond Music
Subject: Man In Space With Sounds

Hello Peter,

I was curious how you came upon the Attilio Mineo CD ?

I know I didn't send you 1:)  I reissued it, by the way

Think anyone else at your fine station would be interested in playing it
on their show
and/or over the air ?

I'd appreciate any and all info you could give me about ANYONE wanting
to play it over the air
or any key people anywhere on any station you might think would enjoy
using a promo copy
other than cashing it in at the local used CD/Rekkid store:)

Thanks a bunch,


Return-Path: <>
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 21:30:42 EDT
Subject: Great Stuff!
Did you list "From Graceland to the Promised Land" by Merle Haggard?
Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy did an Elvis tribute on his only solo album ("King
Is Dead"
I think it was).   Also, James Brown did "Love Me Tender" with a narrative
tribute to Elvis soon after his death on a 45

Return-Path: <>
Reply-To: <>
From: "Betsey Brunk" <>
To: "Peter Bochan" <>
Subject: Re: kristen vigard
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 19:47:42 -0500
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
Peter -
Gee whiz - after checking out the web site, I not only want a tape of
Kristen Vigard, I want tapes of your shows!  Unfortunately, a music
therapist bank account does not subsidize such luxury -- so, if you could,
I would love a tape of Ms. Vigard doing "God Give Me Strength."  I work
with a cancer retreat here (the parent organization of which is trying to
start a "Gilda's Club" like your town's) and we need this song in our
You can e-mail me with the cost and have me send it ahead of time, or you
can send the tape on and trust me to send you a check when I receive it (my
address is below).  Thanks for the personal replies -- you've been a
comforting voice in the web wilderness!

Return-Path: <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 10:49:00 EDT
Subject: I would like to send a CD
Hi Peter Bochan,
I am in a band called Homer Erotic. ( I love your show on
WBAI & would really like to send you our EP/CD. Should I send it to WBAI or is
there another address that would be better? or do you not want CDs from bands
you don't know? We are a politital poet type band, all women, with lots of
percussion, violin, vocals & jokes.
Maggie Dubris, HomerErotic

Return-Path: <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 20:33:26 -0400
From: Peter Kaufman <>
Subject: nice
A most delightful homepage, mr. Bochan. I knew about it but slid into it
via WPKNin bridgeport by the sea.
keep it up.


Return-Path: <>
X-Sender: (Unverified)
Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 21:16:52 -0500
From: gb&vp <>
Subject: Cashmere Jungle Lords
Dear Peter Bochan,
Recently, on a trip down south, my wife and I caught a show by Richmond's
Cashmere Jungle Lords. She said, "Peter Bochan would love these guys." We
purchased their c.d. at the show, brought it home for a spin, and she said,
"Peter Bochan would REALLY love these guys!" Now, I learn that they are
playing this Saturday night (6/6) @ Coney Island High. They are a trio with
an eclectic sound that a reporter from North Carolina's Outer Banks (where
the Lords rule) calls, "Western Surf Jungle Rock." The record has 16 songs
on it, and is put out by Little Abner Records. It's a great listen, and the
guys are a hoot live (especially their leader, Dominic Carpin). I hope you
get a chance to hear them, if not see them, soon. We will be there Saturday
night! (Along with all the friends we told!)
We love your show! (My wife, Virginia, turned me on to it)
Garrett Boehling (New York C.J.L. booster)

Return-Path: <>
Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 11:21:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Brian D. Johnson" <>
Subject: Tapes?
To: Peter Bochan <>
Peter, I moved away from NYC almost three years ago and am slowly
twisting in the wind because I can't listen to WBAI or WNYC anymore.
I  was tremendously  disappointed with KPFA and KQED.
My wife and I miss all our "old friends" we grew up with, particularly
you and your show.
I know, for a fact, that you sell tapes of your program.  The one time I
called WBAI to try buy one, I ended up stymied.
Can I order some tapes directly from you? Just let me know how you want
to handle this and I'll send you a check, give you a call, whatever.
Best regards.

Return-Path: <>
From: "Stanton Teters" <>
To: <>
Subject: Today's show
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 00:41:30 -0400
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.2106.4
I tuned in late to today's show and only caught the last 30 or 40 minutes.
What a show I must have missed. I loved it. I can't remember what the songs
were, I just loved the feeling I got listening to the set. It helped me keep
my energy level up for a boring task--unpacking my boxes after moving into a
new office. What other songs did you have lined up to play if you'd had the
time? I wish you'd had the time to play everything you said you wanted to
What was the theme for the show? Was it a covers show? I think I heard you
say something to that effect. I'd like to get a playlist for the show.

Return-Path: <>
From: Steveear <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 08:07:59 EDT
Subject: Hello
I've been a fan for a long time, and just want to say thanks. Loved your
covers, did you include Dave's True Story's "Walk On the Wild Side?" I didn't
hear the whole show.
Quick question, a few years agp I remember Danny Fields was on your show, did
he write a book? I know he was on to talk about his tours (I went on one), but
somehow I thought he wrote something.
Thanks again,
Steve Guttenberg

Return-Path: <>
From: PuddleRecs <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 11:39:38 EDT
Subject: Cover lshow ist
Please send me your playlist of 4/13/98
You didn't mentione the artist who performe "Season of the Witch"
come see JENIFER CONVERTIBLE on Sat. the 18th at Luna Lounge!
Lenny Z.

Return-Path: <>
From: "Grassi, Mary        (UMVD NYC)" <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: question??
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 12:33:23 -0700
Who is the singer doing the cover for WBAI. I like his sound..
And thanks for your show,
you have great ideas about music!!

Return-Path: <>
From: Tilyou1 <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 00:35:14 EDT
Subject: How do I order your stuff?
Hi, Peter!
I've been a fan of yours for -- well, a long time.  Your hallucinatory audio
montages are fun, and have the eery texture of memory itself.
Eery texture?  never mind.  But please do tell me how I can purchase your
"Shortcuts".  There's probably ordering information as part of your website,
but I had trouble finding it.
 - Charles Kramer

Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 20:05:24 -0400 (EDT)
Lines: 11
Dear Peter: My husband, Ihor Nykolak e-mailed you recently.We've been fans of yours
since 1980, when we first started dating, and would listen to you together. Now
we are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary and would like to share your
work with our children (now 13 and 10) and with our friends. Our off-the radio
tapes are getting very worn, and we would love to purchase whatever you have on
CD or tape as an anniversary gift to ourselves.  Please advise asap. We're
hungry.   Best regards, Susan and Ihor ( The couple who live in the Stain Glass
Church by the sea as once described on your radio show, a long time ago)
PS. Ihor has lots of old Steve Post and Marshall Efron, Bob Fass and others
from WBAI's "Golden Age" in case you are interested in them, for your work.

Brian O'Haire
North Babylon, NY
Date: March 30, 1998
Dear Peter,
I listen occasionally. Loved the thing you did with Ron & Nancy Reagan about the drug stuff.
I cracked up when Reagan said "...and one more thing, Nancy & I are both hooked on heroin!"
I told a friend about about it and he said "Can he get in trouble for doing that?"
Can you? Aren't we in enough trouble already!!
I watch movies with my three year old daughter and one of our favorites is "The Hunchback of Notre Dame".
What got me thinking about you is that you often have "the Belz" (Richard Belzer) on your show.
There is a song...toward the beginning where they sing: "the bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells of Notre Dame" maybe you can use that. I know I'd get a kick out of  hearing it.
Also could you play "Frankie Lee & Judas Priest" from Dylan's John Wesley Harding.

Return-Path: <>
From: Nickywojb <>
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 10:16:00 EST
Subject: shortcut to 97
...a couple of weeks ago a friend and co-worker of mine
met you at the NFCB Conference in Maryland.
You gave her your latest Short Cut to 1997.
I listened to it, it sounds as great as ever, another good one!
And if you remember, I might be
the only one here in Northwest WI who has a desk drawer full of your past
works!  Yes, they still get played, especially during the traditional times
like Christmas, Fourth of July, etc.
So I'm here asking about 96, I hear it won a Golden Reel award,
how can I get it?
What else have you been doing? Believe it or not, I have heard your name in a
few places, one I'm not sure of was a syndicated program, also something to do
with a Sam Cooke special.
I'm still at the good ship WOJB, my seventeenth year here. There aren't too
many blind producers around, the ones that are things happen where they can't
stay because of format and technology changes, and you probably know the rest.
However , I'm still here, I'm part of a national radio project for AIROS,
American Indian Radio on Satellite.
That's all I can think of at this time, once again, I really enjoyed 97 and
your "death parade."  Hey, are you still producing "Between the Tracks"?
Hope this letter finds you well, hope to hear from you soon.
Michael Dukin,

I'm the one that met you at NFCB.  Mike asked me to send this note off to you,
but I wanted to add that I also really love your work!  Mike introduced me to
it years ago, and he's not kidding when he says it still gets airplay here!  I
can't imagine the effort it takes to produce your programs, I'm remain in awe
of your talent to bring your ideas together!  Let us know how we can get ahold
of more of your work, we are both willing to pay out of pocket if we can't
convince the powers that be around here.
Thanks again,
Nicky Kellar, Operations, WOJB

Kimberly Massengill
New York, NY 10012
March 11, 1998
Peter Bochan>WBAI
After having discovered you filling in once for Delphine Blue,
I followed you to mondays and have been a fan ever since.
Before moving to NYC...I was a jock for a commercial Modern Rock station in Virginia Beach,
and used to have what I called "Kimberly's Cool Covers file"
...and was thrilled to hear that you're doing an all cover show this week (March 16)
If it's no trouble could you kindly send me a copy of your playlist for the cover show,
as well as the last two weeks?
Also, if I may blow sunshine up you skirt for a moment (!)
...when my other radio faves have guests on, they often seem to hold the show hostage. It's so often a disappointment,
because I've tuned in to hear the personality, and the music they've chosen, and instead I'm stuck with
30 plus minutes of music I may or may not enjoy. communicating in a medium they're not usually eloquent in...
that's not the case with your interviews. Whether it's your choice of guests, or the concise way in which you
keep things moving, your guest segments excite me, rather than bore me. Your interview with those
"Natchez to New York" blues guys was moving and I may never have heard of Dana Kurtz if not for you...
Thanks in advance for the playlists,
Kimberly Massengill

Return-Path: <>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 08:29:32 -0500
From: "Jonathan Nashel" <>
Subject:  worries
I am a long-time fan of your show.  Unfortunately, I may have to move out
of the NY area and I wonder is it possible to access your show--not the
playlist--on the web.  So far it seems that not all of WBAI is on
RealAudio.  Will this change?  Hope so,
Jonathan Nashel

Return-Path: <>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 22:58:09 -0500
From: David Mohr <>
Subject: Wow
Sender: David Mohr <>
To: "'Peter Bochan'" <>
Content-Disposition: inline
Just a note to let you know last week's show with the Clinton/Blewclinsy
mix was outrageous!!  Don't mess with Bill!  Keep it up ha ha,
regards to the BelzReturn-Path: <>

Errors-To: <>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 18:49:11 -0500
From: Janis <>
Subject: hey Peter
Nice web pages...
I'm from the Home of Rock 'nRoll,
Cleveland, OH. Gotta love it.
Have you been to the Rock Hall yet?
I haven't and I even live in this town.
See ya,

Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 12:20:42 EST
Subject: President's Day
Dear Peter Bochan:
I had a long drive down the Turnpike this morning--and your show was a
terrific accompaniment.   One of the real treats of a Monday off from work is
the ability to hear your program.  (Since I teach I can usually I only can
listen during the summer. ) I think I had my Creative Writing students write
to you their reactions to your SHORTCUT THROUGH 1997 this year
...I was pleased to let them hear that
radio had the potential to be more challenging and imaginative than the MTV
playlist.  At any rate, your show genuinely is challenging and imaginative--and
often moving and funny as well.  I've spent many New Year's Eves in your audio
web--the girlfriends and the apartments have changed--but the SHORTCUTS have
gone on!  Thanks for all your good work. --Robert Kaplow

Return-Path: <>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 22:00:15 -0500
Subject: Feb. 2 playlist and other things
Dear Peter:
I will start this the way I guess a great many of your e-mail messages
begin.  I think your show is terrific and I go out of my way to listen
to it.  Thanks for something interesting in the midst of a lot of
While I always enjoy your show, I found the Feb. 2 edition particularly
enjoyable and I was hoping to it would be possible to have it e-mailed
to me. Also, I was wondering if you could tell me of stores where the
music you play can be purchased?
I would guess you've heard about it already, but I heard some tracks off
the Ted Hawkins Final Tour release and I think it's a must purchase.
Well, I'll see you on the radio.
Lindsey Siegle

Return-Path: <>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 03:35:04 -0800 (PST)
From: Chris Wright <>
Subject: Elvis Songs
Saw your website and thought you might like to know:
Clive Gregson and Christine Collister reorded a song called 'Don't
Step in my Blue Suede Shoes' which reflects on EP's career ("The Army
took his dignity, the Imposter took his name" etc).  Good song!
If you want to know any more, I will search out the album and check
out the details.

Return-Path: <>
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 17:34:08 -0600
From: "Terry L. Clark" <>
Subject: Nixon Songs
You missed one: "Tricia Tell Your Daddy" by Jay & The Americans.
It was meant sincerely, but I still am amused when I play it.

Return-Path: <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 14:59:30 -0800
From: Gil Dominguez <>
Organization: NASSCO  Email to
Subject: Short-cuts
Its not the crowded subways, or the lunatic drivers, or the insane tempo
that I miss the most.  Listening to you show on WBAI is.
Thanks for having such a nice web-site.
Gil (Stuck in San Diego) Dominguez

 From: Summit High School
125 Kent Place Boulevard
Summit, New Jersey 07901-4799
Date: January 7, 1998
Dear Mr. Bochan
Your wonderful look back on this past year is a masterpiece of audio expression.
Your piece is the most accurate, involving and fitting look back on the years most poignant social events.
I find your work to portray the most complete view of the events of 1997,
no written or televised look back...was as cleverly composed or engaging as yours.
You covered everything from the big events in pop culture to the unnoticed events in real culture that never got the cover of USA Today
but certainly deserved it. I feel the medium you used to charter the course of this year by giving us the words, songs and sounds of this year
you caused us to visualize the pictures to go with it. By making us conger up our memories of went on in the world in 97
you allowed us to review the year in a more personal manner than any other review could...
You obviously have a great passion for your work. You possess an amazing skill for a powerful form of expression.
I admire your artistic technique and cherish your work,
B Holmes

From: James Thistlewaite
906 Willow Ave.
Hoboken, NJ 07030
January 6, 1998
Dear Peter,
I would love to get a copy of your
"Shortcut Thru 1997"- the Directors cut (as you put it).
I'm a new fan!
With Gratitude,

From: Clara Etgi
Brooklyn, New York
January 2, 1998
Holy Peter!
Your best end of the year Shortcuts.
Thank you. It was moving.
So pleased 'BAI rebroadcast it, your show is "so" excellent!
Happy New Year,
Clara Etgi

 From: Summit High School
125 Kent Place Boulevard
Summit, New Jersey 07901-4799
Date: January 7, 1998

Dear Peter  Bochan,
This past week my creative writing teacher played for us your "A Shortcut Through 1997".
I really enjoyed listening to it. It was fun to pick out all the familiar voices and songs.
Some parts made us laugh, some parts made us cry,
some parts we sang along with and others gave us that horrible lump in our throats.
It is always nice to start on a clean slate every year end to reminisce of years past.
This segment is a perfect way to visualize 1997.
Natalie Ford

Return-Path: <>
From: Boommusik <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 18:07:42 EST
Subject: Faith
Organization: AOL (
Hi Peter,
Your show rocks. i especially dig the sound collages, how do you make those? I
was dropping you a line to see if you ever got around to checking out the
Faith cd "Time to Fall In Love Again" that we sent to you. It's a record with
a wide range of influences and with you being a man of good taste, i was
curious to hear your reaction. We've been up to WBAI in the past but I'm not
sure if you're familiar with our music; sort of Nina Simone meets Hendrix and
the Police. We have a website <A HREF="">
</A> if you have a second. Anyway, have a good new year and keep the grooves
a flowin'.
Patrick Seacor

 From: Summit High School
125 Kent Place Boulevard
Summit, New Jersey 07901-4799
Date: January 7, 1998
Dear Peter Bochan
I recently heard your "Shortcut Through 1997" in my creative writing class.
We all agreed that it must have been almost impossible to compile all those clips from TV, radio, etc to put together such a long presentation.
It was amazing! And it seemed like very hard work also to engineer those clips to play at the same time.
It was very enjoyable listening. My personal favorites were Princess Di talking, the Wizard of Oz clip and the South Park clip.
Very meaningful and amusing at the same time.
Simone Menger

Return-Path: <>
From: GeorgeP123 <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 22:11:25 EST
Subject: Shortcuts 1997 -- Great!
Organization: AOL (
Peter, I just listened to your Shortcuts 1997. You are a master audio mixer up
and down! Fantastic work and arrangements. I'd like to know how you can
organize all that audio? I was impressed! Never listened to that WPKN 89.5
before.. just happened to tune it in during your retro '97.
Please send more information about your work. Thanks...
George Potanovic, Jr.

Return-Path: <"">
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 09:27:33 -0500
From: Sam Scali <"">
Reply-To: ""
Organization: Gerald & Cullen Rapp, Inc.
Subject: Q&A
Hi Peter,
I am a regular listener - your show is amazing. I was wondering if you
knew the name and artist of a piece of music that I often hear before
your show begins. It is a woman singing something like, "When you put it
on, when you put it on...". I'm not sure if it is a WBAI cue or part of
your arsenal. Anyway, I'm curious, it's catchy in a New Wave kind of
way. I would be grateful if you could let me know. Thanks!
Sam Scali

Return-Path: <>
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 21:35:37 -0500
Subject: tHANK YOU!
Hello Peter:
    I am just taking this opportunity to say that your show is one of
the things I missed when I moved up to the Albany area in 1990. There
were some amazing things you did with audio and music, some that deeply
affected me in their own way. I seldom am in the city to hear your show
which I am happy to see, is still on the air. So, from a former listener
and volunteer, continued good fortune!!!!
Bill Dempsey

Return-Path: <>
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 10:38:18 -0500
From: David Mohr <>
Subject: Wow
Dear Peter;
Have been listening to the show for years, since I was about 12.
Love the web site. ..
I havebeen a non linear editor for video for about five years
before that I
was a sound editor for film, 16 & 35mm...
Your show really helped shape my aesthetic sense of how to edit.
for being there!
David H. Mohr

 Return-Path: <>
From: ADI SALES <>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 13:01:23 EST
Subject: 4th Blowing
Organization: AOL (
          Hi Peter,
     C'mon guy, play something from "4th Blowing of the Great Nose".
WFMU and
other small stations around the country are playing it,
with the expected response of the Corporate Controlled so-called "Independent Labels".
TheChemical Brothers can't hold a candle to Future Sound of London or
Meat BeatManifesto. Sort of high tech head banging, but what do we know.
We like DEVO,
The Residents, and Zappa more than Portishead, Nick Cave, and Nirvana.
But then again, we never did like Heroin.
     Anyway, be a sport. We need to know who are friends and who are lemmings.
Hopefully, you're not jumping off cliffs like the rest of WBAI.

 Mike & Lily

Return-Path: <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 09:41:53 -0500 (EST)
Subject: elvis songs
Wasn't there a song called "Only Elvis" (or something like that) by a band
called Uncle Bonzai (or something similar) a few years back?   If I so, I
think it might have been funny.  (or not) 

Return-Path: <>
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 11:20:49 +0100
From: Hans van Klei <>
Subject: elvis song sentimental me
Dear Peter
Mij name is Hans van Klei from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
One of my frends in a amateur sound mix singer of rock
and c&w songs. Recently he received a tape with the
Elvissong "Sentimental Me", however it seems impossible
to find the lyric of this song in The Netherlands.
Is it possible for you to provide me the lyric or give me
the address of someone else to provide me the lyric.
If so please reply to my e-mail address:
Thanks in advance.
Very best regards
Hans van Klei

Return-Path: <>
From: "Davis, Paul" <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: song that mentions Elvis
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 17:16:27 -0600
I was just on your website and saw the page with 84 songs about Elvis.
 Cool stuff.  I was wondering if you could help me?
For years I have sung a few lines from a song, I don't know who did it
or the rest of the lyrics, do you?
"it was New Years eve and I went to see Elvis live and hot
my girlfriend almost jumped my bones walking out to the parking lot"

Thanks for the help, I really hope you know it or can point me the
right way, because I have been singing those lines for the past 10
years at least and it drives me and others crazy.
PK Davis
PH:  281-518-7155

Return-Path: <>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 13:34:42 -0500
From: (Simon Fulford)
Subject: forgot to mention
Dear Peter,
Hello.  I'm the chap who called you today (Monday 11/24) and we chatted
about "Alabama 3".  Anycase, I forgot to say that your show is fantastic.
I hadn't been able to tune in for a few months due to work or some other
such excuse and was in radio heaven this am.

Return-Path: <>
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 14:14:20 -0400
From: TC <>
Organization: Tony Caravan Live
Subject: checked out your site...
Nice site you got there. -- I could't find any audio links though.
Are you or the station streaming any Real Audio?
In any event, perhaps I can have you on my internet show sometime
after the first of the year to discuss music, pop culture, et. al.
Let me know.
By the way, we've got some interesting things coming up you
might want to check out. Browse around our pages, there's
a bunch of new stuff.
All the best,
Tony Caravan

Return-Path: <>
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 19:45:31 -0500
From: Kent Gemmell <>
Subject: Shortcuts
I caught few minutes from what the programmer indicated was one of a series
of CD's entitled Shortcuts the other day.  (On WPKN in Bridgeport, CT).
What I heard was phenomenal, but I was in my car and only heard part.  They
gave this e-mail address. Could you send information about availability of
the CD's?  Thanks,

Return-Path: <>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 11:09:13 -0500 (EST)
Subject: just...
Just a note to mention how much easier your show makes Monday morning studio
cleanup.  Keep it up.

Subject: 'Vegas Jazz and Latin Lounge' by The Last Of The International Playboys
We'd like to send you a free copy of this disc, released last  month &
getting played on 30 assorted stations around the country (mostly Jazz and
"...spy music... mambo/Latin groove... Rat Pack by the bar with a whiskey
sour in your hand blues... grab this disc now..." - Lo-Fi Magazine
Please send us your snail address!
(in the meantime you can sample it at Radio Vik -

Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 09:46:49 -0500
From: "Paul J. Wolsko" <>
Subject: Need help
I am a long-time listener), perhaps you'd be kind enough to assist.
            Circa 1982, I believe, Ed Haber (I don't know what's become
of him) produced a full-length CD, one song of which was "Nothing" by
the Citizen Kafka Band.  Would you happen to know if this CD is
available, and a CD number??  I can't even seem to find it on the Web,
and the big record stored are useless, aside from the "top 20".
            Keep up the good stuff - you have what I consider the
brightest star in radio.  I don't know how you can keep your shows fresh
after all these years, but there's always something new and
interesting.  Thanks!!!
Paul Wolsko
Hopatcong, NJ

Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 11:55:01 -0600
From: Claudia <>
Subject: dayna
i'm a former resident of nyc, now living in nashville, & was
listening in on my last visit home - there was a guest on your show
named dayna ( kind of a jazz singer, but not really-sang a song called
paterson ) who is she, where is she from, and where can i buy her
music????  beautiful, just beautiful...if anyone knows, give me info!!!
thanks,  claudia young

Return-Path: <>
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 11:23:38 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Songs "about" Elvis
Hello Peter
 I think your site will be very useful to fans
and will include a link from my site.
Alright Private (Crystalette 722) Mo Klein & the Sargents
The Class (Parkway 804) Chubby Checker (He imitates Elvis singing Mary Had A
Little Lamb)
Don't Be Mad / Little Red Webb (Capitol 4966) Simon Crum (Ferlin Husky)
Elvis (Deluxe 45-6111) Julie Lang
Elvis And Me (RCA EPA-4188) Kids
Elvis Is Rocking Again (Fortune 210) Roy Hall and His Boys
I Wan Elvis For Christmas (Liberty 55048) Holly Twins
I Want To Spend Christmas With Elvis (Regent 45-7506-A) Marlene Paula
Take Care

Return-Path: <>
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 12:06:14 -0800
From: Mojo <>
Subject: Songs about Elvis
It was great to see your list!
Ever since Vin Scelsa did his K-Rock show "Calling Elvis" I have really
been a big fan of these songs.  Finding them can be a real trick,
Here's a few more:
"Twilight's Last Gleaming" Mojo Nixon
"619-239-KING" Mojo Nixon
"Baptize Me Over Elvis Presley's Grave" Flies on Fire (my favorite)
"Hound Dog Man" Roy Orbison
"Wendy Under the Stars" Odds
"Calling Elvis" Dire Straits

Return-Path: <>
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 11:48:08 -0500
From: Mike Chartier <>
Subject: Signed Guestbook
This is Norman Nithman of The Nixon Links.  I found your Nixon song
list very interesting.  As it so happens, I was thinking of having
a contest where people would come up with as many songs that mentioned
Nixons as they could and I would give the winner a few Nixon
knick-knacks. (Nix-knacks?)  Guess I'll have to think up something else!
There's one other song I can think of.  On David Frye's "Richard Nixon:
A Fantasy" comedy LP, Frye, as Nixon, performs a take-off on Johnny
Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" called "Nixon Sings the Blues."

Return-Path: <>
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 11:51:49 -0400
Subject: Shortcuts

     Hi, Peter...
     I was just sorting through past E-Mails, and realized that I had
     not written back to you after hearing the Shortcuts for 1996 tape
     you were kind enough to send.
     So, I apologize for that.  I thought the tape was, of course,
     great.  My favorite parts had to do with the election, which
     I guess is a result of my own remaining interests in the
     country's twisted political system.
     Are you already starting to put things together for this
     year's epic.  Given what's been going on, it's going to be
     an amazing selection to choose from.  I'm looking forward to
     hearing what connections you make between events this time
     around.  Plus -- who knows -- maybe you'll have a stock
     market crash to throw into the mix before to long.
     Good luck.  And I hope your workstation stays stable...

Return-Path: <>
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 08:56:30 +0000
From: ms <>
Organization: Response: A Contemporary Jewish Review
Subject: thanks
Mr. Bochan,
Finally, I found your e-address and homepage. Thank you very much for
the years I've been enjoying your show. All Mixed Up is probably the
most coherent, interesting collection of music and dialogue on air...
Keep mixing it up!
Michael Steinberg
Response: A Contemporary Jewish Review

Return-Path: <>
From: Larry & Company <>
To: "'Peter Bochan'" <>
Subject: RE: WBAI's "All Mixed Up" listing
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 21:52:53 -0400
We've added the link to your pages @: "New York Area Music Radio Guide"
Thanks for a great show.  How can we get the "Shortcuts-25th Anniversary Collection" tape or CD?

Return-Path: <>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 12:35:04 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: today's show...
.. was, as usual, a gem.  I really enjoyed that new Love Spit Love, BTW.
Although I heard you announce your website a few weeks ago, I didn't get the
address.  Today I did.  It's great.  I'm always telling people about your
show who cannot listen because of work.  Now I'll send your lists or send 'em
to the site...
Anyway, I saw all the quotes about your show you put up on the board, and
since I never read New York and only see Time Out occasionally, I wanted to
say that I was glad that you are getting recognition around town.  It's a
damn shame one of the commercial stations still hasn't picked up this show.
 But for all the reasons hashed out over again and again in articles and on
the Internet, it isn't surprising.
Keep up the great, real radio.  (And for god's sake, don't post this on your site!! :-)

Return-Path: <>
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 22:00:05 -0500
To: Peter Bochan <>
From: (Lisa A. Jones)
Subject: Re: All Mixed Up/Webpage
Hi Peter, Finally got to view your website in its entirety. Looks good, as
I got further into it I saw that you did have some collages similar to what
I had in mind. I'd like to see them up front so they make more of a splash.
The difficulty with sites that go on for more than a page or two is that
it's easy to get lost. If all the options can be presented in the first
screen that uinfolds before the viewer it makes it easier to flip back and
forth between that first screen (the contents page if you will) and
additional features...
Gotta go. Thanks for the wonderful shows.

Return-Path: <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 12:13:25 +0000
From: Ken McCarthy <>
Organization: E-Media
Subject: send catalog please
Please send me a catalog:
I used to catch you show on BAI when I lived in NYC.
Miss it - *a lot.* You are a great sound artist.

Return-Path: <>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 97 16:56:58 UT
From: "Jesse Todd" <>
Subject: Playlist
Yesterday's program was awesome.  Cool that you used Steely Dan as you did.
Can you send me a play list by email?
Can't wait to see your website.  I always adore your program.

Terry Todd

 From: Summit High School
125 Kent Place Boulevard
Summit, New Jersey 07901-4799
Date: January 7, 1997

Dear Mr. Bochan,
I am writing regarding your "Shortcut Through 1996" piece. I wanted you to know that although I obviously think it was quite good,
it is your apparent dedication to your work which I admire most.
My teacher, Robert  Kaplow, writes pieces for NPR and has made us aware that it is time consuming work.
I hope that someday I love my work as much as you love to entertain people through the airwaves.
Mr. Kaplow also says you have recordings of specific years.
I was born in 1979 and was hoping that I could get my hands on one of your tapes from that year.
It would make me happy and I can tell that is something you like to do.
Thank you for your time and good luck with your future work.
Sincerely yours,

Stephanie Alexandra Schleef

 From: Summit High School
125 Kent Place Boulevard
Summit, New Jersey 07901-4799
Date: January 4, 1997

Dear Mr. Bochan,
My creative writing class recently listened to your radio program "A Shortcut Through 1996" and I must say I am in awe of your work.
I can't imagine the hours of editing and just plain listening to the years events to put together such a fine piece.
I was almost overwhelmed by the way you placed the events of such a wierd and surreal year in a orderly and easy to swallow order.
I knew I was in for something different when I heard the THX intro...I felt the unibomber, the Olympic Park bomb and Flight 800 were presented in a very straight-forward manner, with no disrespectful jokes or cheesy sound bites.
The "Twister" and "Fargo" sound clips made the snowfall part really funny and "Is Perot Nuts?" was hilarious...your Yankee wrapup was almost epic, inspiring the same emotions I felt the night they won it all..the best part of of your piece was the obituary section by far.
George Burns, Tiny Tim, Timothy Leary, Ella Fitzgerald, Carl sagan, etc...were all remembered with dignity and I felt the mood change in the class when people started to realize just how many famous people had passed in 1996...
This was the first "Shortcuts" I'd ever heard, but I think you've found yourself another yearly listener, because it is far and away the best, easiest to take year-in-review program that I know of. I wish you continued success and I can't wait until a "Shortcut Through 1997"

David A. Douglas

Date: November, 1997
 N.Y.C. On the Air!
Ohren auf - weitere fünf coole Radio-Shows:
 "All Mixed Up"
auf WBAI-FM 99,5, Mo. 10-12 Uhr,
DJ: Peter Bochan
Wilder Postmoderner Mix von Elvis bis zu den Cocteau Twins, von Country bis Avantgarde, mit spritzigen Sprüchen vom DJ.
From Fri Apr 5 10:49 EST 1996
Subject: "All Mixed Up" Playlist Request
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 1996 10:46:45-0500
To: Mr. Peter Bochan
Dear Peter,
Although I'm very new to the 'Net, I've been a regular listener to
"All Mixed Up" for the last few years and greatly look forward to
starting each week off with what is probably the most imaginative
musical collage found anywhere on the dial. In fact, it's because
of your program (and those of your fellow morning music hosts)
that my wife and I have become members of WBAI and never miss the
opportunity to recommend it to like-minded friends. (We likewise
look forward to each year's 'Short Cut' and have saved several on
tape for the benefit of the next generation).
That said, I'd greatly appreciate your sending me a copy of your
'April Fools Day' playlist-and any others that can be retrieved
elctronically without too much difficulty. I find lists like these
to be invaluable when preparing for a major CD/record shopping
'expedition' and wish that more non-commercial radio hosts would
be as accomodating. (You might be amused to know that, sequestered
deep inside a midtown Manhattan office building, I was taken in by
your report of Monday's 'fast approaching storm' and passed it
along to the local callers who contacted me between 10am and
Thanks very much again for providing the requested playlist(s).
If you maintain any sort of list of 'cyberscribers', I'd greatly
appreciate being added to the list. In the meantime, though,
thanks VERY much for your work toward realizing the true
potential of radio!
Best Regards,
Jim Batura

Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 12:09:4-0500
Mr. Goshan (did I get the spelling right?):
I just caught the second half of your special "20th-century's-end"
edition of "All Mixed Up" on February 19th. Wow! An amazing mix.
You mentioned near the end of the show that "copies" were
available by contacting this address. Does that mean I can buy a
tape of that very show?
Please let me know. I would love to get one!
Scott Stowell

Subject: Listening in
Name: Kevin
E-mail: (Kevin)
Date: 02/05/96 --Time: 15:23:10
This message was sent by Chameleon
Perhaps you remember me from your past. I was program director
at WPKN in the 70's and still do the occasional show. I even
visited your studio years ago. I think you were producing
something called Between the Tracks. I saw you in the Sunday
paper for doing good radio. Congrats! It's not news though,
you always spun a good show. I tuned in Monday morning and
heard a few things I'd pick-up. Could you E-mail me
your play list for 2/5/96?
Kevin Gallagher

Date: 2/8/96 10:24AM
To: address foreign at SSWGATE
Subject: Fresh Air
Hello Peter,
First of all, thanks for being the only fresh air on NY radio.
Now that stations like WXRK are becoming DJ-less ghost stations,
I see little hope for any true expression or musical
inventiveness in the commercial market.
Now, this might be a tough one, but I've had a song in my head
since you played it in June or early July of last year. I have
no idea who it was, but the lyrics go something like:
Johnny hates to live with failure...
But when he comes home he's like a monster...
So watch out...
Chorus: This couldn't happen to me (or "It shouldn't happen to
me" sung by a all girl chorus behind a male vocal). Also has
a rolling march-like snare drum prominently featured throughout.
If you can't get it, I understand, but I appreciate the effort anyway.
I also enjoyed last week's show (2/5/96), especially the cocktail
music. Any details about the Lebanon, Tennessee song or the Twin
Peaks-like echo guitar instrumental (all cats or all dogs or something?)
Thanks and never, ever, even think about going off the air.
-- Alan

Mon Feb 5 18:10 EST 1996
Subject: Just your basic kiss-ass fan letter
Peter Boshan,
I probably spelled your name completely wrong. Sorry. Anyway I
heard you give your e-mail address on the radio today, so I thought
I'd write and let you know how much I appreciate your show.
I usually tape it so I can listen it again after you go off
the air. I listen to the radio all day here at work. With the
exception of you and the other 10 to 12 WBAI air staff, New
York radio truly sucks.
Here's to you for keeping hope alive. Thanks.

Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 22:28:27 -0500
From: (Jeffrey Kurland)
Subject: Playlist

Peter Bochan:

I'm a long time listener to your morning show on WBAI. Is
there an e-mail subscription to your weekly playlist? If
so, please subscribe me. If not, you can probably set one
up through Pipeline-automate. You might also consider
putting past ''mixed-up'' tapes online at WBAI's web page
as RealAudio files. Fun, no?
J e f f r e y K u r l a n d

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