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PRODUCER'S NAME (to go on Award): Peter Bochan
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ENTRY TITLE: "Pacifica @ 50"

DATE AIRED AND STATION: April 26th, 1999, WBAI-FM 99.5, New York, NY

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This montage of the voices, issues and players drawn from the archives of Pacifica Radio was suggested to me  by the late Samori Marksman, WBAI's program director in our last conversation together. "We need something to open up the 50th anniversary event we're having at Riverside church for you did with the Robeson piece at Columbia...only longer, maybe 15 or 20 minutes." he said with one of his infectious laughs that inferred it would be so easy and how could I even think of refusing. This is all the direction I got-brief and to the point, the Paul Robeson piece had been dramatic and successful, accompanied by photos and slides provided by the Robeson foundation and we could do the same thing with Pacifica. Before I could play him even a rough draft of this tape, he was gone and the festivies at Riverside became a memorial to Samori and this work a tribute to his devotion to WBAI and the ideals of Pacifica we both shared.
There are brief snippets of his voice during his last air shift during our February marathon speaking about Pacifica's history along with the voices of Harry Truman, Lewis Hill, William Mandel, Gore Vidal, Joseph McCarthy, I.F.Stone, Verna Avery-Brown, Paul Robeson, Lawrence Ferlingetti, Joan Baez, JFK, Che Gueverra, Chris Koch, Malcolm X, William Kunsler, Rosa Parks, MLK Jr, Robert F. Kennedy, Abe Ribacoff, Bob Fass, Eldridge Cleaver, Richard Nixon, Patty Hearst,.Bella Abzug, Cesar Chavez, Oliver North, George Bush, Saddam Hussein, Amy Goodman, Fidel Castro, Bill Clinton, Louis Farrakan, Mumia Abu-Jamal,  and many more sounds from the McCarthy era of 1949 right up till to Tom Brokaw's "Pacifica" comments at 1999's annual Press awards.

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