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October 2006 Playlists
WBAI 99.5 FM,  New York City,  Saturday afternoons from 5 to 7 pm,  with Peter Bochan
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October 7

Artist Title Label
George Bush/Gotan Project/Albert Einstein/Letterman
Good Solid Intelligence (totally buggin' mix)
All Mixed Up Productions
Da Producers/Bill St. James/Wolfman Jack/Marvin Gaye
Let's Get A New Re-Mixed Promo!
Assembled Units
R. Crumb/Aunt Bee/Floyd The Barber
Heard Any Good Dance Music Lately?  (Intro )
All Mixed Up Productions
TV On The Radio/Judd Hersh/Studio 60
Change The Channel! (new lobo mix)
All Mixed Up Productions
Think I'm in Love
Alfonso Cuaron/Lloyd Price/Paul Kallinger/Bill St. James
Only Civilized Radio Station--Planet Promo
Assembled Units
Ben Vaughan Presents New Designs in Music
Apt. 604
Soundstage 15
Christpher Ricks/Sandy Bull/Bob Dylan/Betty Davis/
Discussing Dylan Lyrics..."Love & Theft"- Intro V.1 All Mixed Up Productions
Bob Dylan
The Levee's Gonna Break
Peter Bochan (dj / producer / announcer / beggar)
Asking For Listener Support (Pitch #1)
Fay Wray/Bela Lugosi/ELO/Rolling Stones/Judy Garland/Mickey Mouse/Goofy/Donald Duck/others
Beware Of Shortcuts! (opening segment)
1979 remix
Adam Levy
To Kill A Mockingbird (Pitch #2)
Lost Wax
Big Joe Turner
Boogie Woogie Country Girl
Ray Charles/George W. Bush
Hit The Road George!
Rhino/All Mixed Up
rotflmao with Rickie Lee Jones & Maxwell Mosher
Have You Had Enough (G.W.Bush Patroit Mix)
Hot But Sweet Music
Parov Stelar with Billie Holiday & Peter Bochan
Asking For Listener Support (Pitch #3)
Pschent "Hotel Coste V.8"
Strange Effect of WBAI
East River Pipe (F.M. Cornog)
interview clip #1
From Summit, NJ
The Beach Boys
In My Room
East River Pipe (F.M. Cornog)
interview mix #2 & #5 -- WBAI Song
From Summit, NJ
Stevie Wonder
Golden Lady
Amadou & Mariam (with Manu Chao)
Senegal Fast Food
David Bryne & Brian Eno
Mea Culpa
Warner Brothers
the dj / producer / announcer / premium pitcher...
Asking For Listener Support (Pitch 4)
David Carradine/Charlie Chaplin/Firesign Theatre..
Shortcuts To Happiness (Excerpt)
Best Of Shortcuts
John Lennon/Bela Legosi/Steve Martin/Ted Baxter..
Altered Shortcuts (Excerpt)
Best Of Shortcuts
...or the begging radio guy
Asking For Listener Support (Pitch 5)
Jack Nicholson, "Martini". "Cuckoo's Nest..."
Another Crazy Shortcut
Best Of Shortcuts
Bing Crosby, WIlliam Holden, The Kinks
A Shortcut Back Home
Best Of Shortcuts

October 14

Artist Title Label
Harvey Pekar
What Do You Want Me To Do A Bunch Of Them?
All Mixed Up Productions

A Musical Shortcut
All Mxed Up Productions
Elevator Music

October 21

Artist Title Label

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