Nelson Mandela
A Shortcut Through 2013

A journey through the year 2013, this retrospective gathers the major and minor events, the sounds, voices, music, memories,
and emotional moments and guides us through the breakdowns, scandals, elections and departures with a careful juxtaposition and "sound-rich" mashup on "A Shortcut through 2013".

Featuring tributes to Nelson Mandela, Lou Reed, Elmore Leonard, Hugo Chavez, James Gandolfini Jonathan Winters, Richie Havens, Ray Manzarek, Taylor Mead, Reg Presley, Bert Stern,
Jim Hall, Roger Ebert, Karen Black, Patti Page, Ray Price, Jean Stapleton, Marcia Wallace, Abigail Van Buren, Cory Montieth, Annette Funicello, David Frost, Margarette Thatcher,
Van Cliburn, Peter O'Toole, Al Goldstein, Bobby "Blue"Bland, Alan Myers, Harold Camping, Joan Fontaine, Bebo Valdez, Don Shirley, Ed Koch, Eleanor Parker, Paul Walker, Dennis Farina and "Futurama"

"A Shortcut through 2013" includes Barack Obama on the future of healthcare, the disasters in Okalahoma, Boston, and the Government shutdown, John Kerry on Syria's chemical weapons,
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on "crack", Kanye West & Mylie Cyrus on "twerking", Edward Snowden on the NSA and information gathering, Paula Dean and Phil Johnson on "I is What I Is",
Walter White on "things that might happen", Dick Cheney on "traitors", Conan O'Brian on "real-time" events and time travel,
plus segments on the typhoon in the Philippines, the Boston Marathon tragedy, the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman trial, train derailments, car crashes, drones and Marshall law,
we'll also hear from Pope Francis, Sarah Silverman, Desmond Tutu, Harry Dean, Richard Nixon, Jesse Jackson, Kevin Spacey, Gene Hackman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Speaker John Boehner
 with music from Arcade Fire, Jim James, Daft Punk, Primal Scream, Jimmie Guifre, Devo, Jeff Beal, Elvis Costello & the Roots, Tricky, Tosca, The Doors, and Iron & Wine.

Dedicated to Richie the "Pro-Muslim Christian" Arakelian, James Krivo and Ibrahim Gonzalez,
Dr. Joyce Brothers, Virginia Johnson, George Jones, Eydie Gorme, Ray Harryhausen, Ray Dolby,
Esther Williams, Julie Harris, Seamus Heaney, and all the other voices we lost and wouldn't fit into this hour-long mix. 

Produced by Peter Bochan

listen to it.

          Rob Ford

"Get Off My Property, Partner!"

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