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April 2009 Playlists
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April 4 

Jane Fonda!

Kevin So Live!

Artist Title Label
Jane Fonda
Dan Ingram/Danny Goldberg/Belz/Tony Roberts
WBAI & The Media
Praise BAI (Fatboy Slim/Camille Yarborough)

All Mixed Up Productions
MLK Jr/Eminem/Rev. J.M.Gates
Lose Yourself -Sermon-edit Remix
Shady/All Mixed Up
Angelique Kidjo
Listening to WBAI ..."On The Go"
All Mixed Up Productions
Soweto Gospel Choir ("Africa Celebrates U2")
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Shout!Factory-"In the Name of Love..."
James Taylor/MLK Jr/The Freedom Singers
A Shortcut To The Mountaintop (intro)
All Mixed Up Production
Moodswings/Martin Luther King Jr.
Spiritual High (We Must Work/I Have A Dream remix)
LBJ/MLK/RFK/Dustin Hoffman/Apollo 8/Sly Stone
A Shortcut Back To 1968 (intro)
All Mixed Up Productions

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April 11

Artist Title Label
The Star Spangled Promo
All Mixed Up Productions
Fountains of Wayne
Peter, He's The Leader...
Havey Pekar
What...You Want Another Promo?
All Mixed Up Productions
Jane Fonda
The Media & WBAI
All Mixed Up Productions

The Muppet Show Theme
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Bad Plus
Lithium (edit)

Frank Black
4 AD/Elektra
PJ Harvey & John Parish
Black Hearted
Amadou & Mariam
Ce n'est pas bon
The Veil
The Letter

Cat Power
Sea Of Love

Nathaniel Mayer
Village Of Love

James Taylor
Get A Job

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April 18

Rob Kirkpatrick-"1969"

Artist Title Label

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April 27
Artist Title Label

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